Tuesday, May 19, 2009

training wheels

Meet Isaac, 3 years old. He's been wanting to take off his training wheels for a half year. His dad finally decided to do it. Isaac didn't have any problem balancing, as you can see here. Amazing!

© kyo morishima
bicycle, training wheel, boy


steve said...

what a beautiful series

Sydney said...

kyo, you know you told a whole story with this set of pictures -- an amazing job.

thanks for helping us to treasure this moment for years to come.

here's what a friend of mine had to say:

He showed you! What is really funny is that it looks like you were making sure he understood the gravity of his decision just before you turned the bike over to him. As if! Obviously that smile on his face meant "yeah, yeah, yeah, just give me the bike for Pete's sake, I know what I'm doing."